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Don't fret, we provide the best for your pet!

Are you curious to know what we are using on your pets? Don't worry we have nothing to hide and want you to know what we are using to pamper your pets! All shampoos are Natural, pH balanced and biodegradable.


First, we start with SOFT WATER. What is soft water you ask? Well, as many know in San Antonio the city water is particularly hard, meaning our water contains high traces of calcium and magnesium ions, which can create limescale causing damaging effects not only in your home but with your pets hair and skin as well. Using soft water usually leads to pets having a healthier, cleaner, and shinier coat because the water is free from high trace minerals that could otherwise build up on the dogs coat causing it to get dirtier faster, have a duller coat, or un-healthy coat. When looking for quality and luxury for your pet at a great pocket friendly price, choose Pup Town Spaw!


-Our basic bath includes a shampoo that is a fresh, all purpose & tearless! It is deep cleansing to make sure your pet comes home smelling as fresh as possible! It is gentle enough for pets of all ages, will not dry out the skin and leaves a fresh and clean scent! Contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamins A, D, E and B5.

-Our Flea bag bath includes a natural citronella oil which is highly effective for treating fleas, ticks and mosquitoes bites and also helps to repel. Deep cleaning, non chemical solution for dogs with fleas or bites. Effectively controls itching and scratching, soothes and heals inflamed skin, and restores moisture to dry coats. Our shampoo is extremely effective for dirty dogs, skunked dogs, and also works to remove dead hair. We use this shampoo for de-shedding as well! It is packed with proteins to strengthen and fortify the hair. Made with natural herbs, extracts and essential oils!

-Our itchy Dawg bath is rich in aloe, soothes and helps heal skin irritations. Great for dogs with sensitive skin. It is mild yet deep cleansing and also conditions the coat. Aloe will remove dead scaly skin, odors and sebum, while conditioning and moisturizing the skin and coat to leave a super clean shine. . Aloe. It is ph balanced and natural. Safe for puppies, kitties, dogs, cats. MADE WITH: Aloe Vera, DL Panthenol, Comfrey extract, Vitamins A and E. Nettle extract, Chamomile extract and Henna extract.

-Our white or bright dog shampoo is deep cleansing,does not contain soap or detergent. It's a natural deep cleansing shampoo that removes stains, oxidation and odors. It is ph balanced, natural and biodegradable. Brightens white haired animals, removes stains and yellow oxidation and odors. It is tear-less and blueberry scented of jojoba, aloe and avocado.


- Our skin re-moisturizing conditioner helps re-build damaged coats and rejuvenate dry flaky skin. stops scratching and wont leave coat greasy. Great for sensitive skin.

**All products may not be listed please ask groomer or office for more product details.