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There is so much to learn when it comes to taking good care of your furry friend. Grooming, Feeding, Playing, Vet visits, Health and wellness and so much more! We love our pets as much as you do and are committed to learning and growing with you. Read our blogs, check out some of our amazing recommended products or book an appointment to get your pet squeeky clean! We are here to help.

Pup Town Spaw

All paws down, we are the bark of the town! And the meow. Pup Town Spaw is dedicated to providing the most convenient and comfortable spaw day for your furry little friend. We understand there is a better way to get your pet clean and that doesn't inlcude you taking a bath with your pet, let the pros handle it! We love what we do and do what we love and your pet will always be in the hands of a loving professional!

The process

Relax, we come to you

No driving and no fighting with your pet to get in the car just to wait around all day to pick them up! Mobile grooming offers the highest convenience and quality at the comfort of your doorstep!

High quality comfort

We dont need your water or your power just a good place to park! Our mobile van has a custom built in salon to comfortably get your dog or cat nice and clean in minimal time!

Clean and happy

Once we have your furry friend in our mobile spaw we get started on their pampering! All the basics are included! Bath, drying, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, pet cologne and a cute bandana!

But wait, we have more

For you and your pet!

Life is easier with an App!

Use the nevetica app for discounts on your pets products! Take your free pet assessment, watch free training videos, use the free fitness section and so much more! Download "Nevetica" in your play store and use sponsor code 813704 to complete your download!

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