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About Pup Town Spaw Mobile Grooming

Family Owned! Thank you for supporting small business!

As a busy, sophisticated and savvy pet owner you understand that establishing a regular grooming schedule for your pet is vital to their health. With our onsite mobile service, you gain peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and sound. You save time and there is less hassle because we make it easy for you! 

Our signature spaw treatment gives your pet the ultimate in health, safety, and comfort. Pup Town Spaw comes to YOU to provide professional pet grooming services in a clean, stress free environment. Our mobile salon fully equipped to pamper your pet starting with a hydrotherapy bath with soft water, natural shampoo and conditioner that removes dirt, upgraded shampoos and facials, gentle teeth brushing or nail painting and so much more! 

As your San Antonio area pet groomers we a loving gentle groomer you can trust!


Pup Town Spaw family believes we are individuals who are hardworking and passionate animal enthusiast! We believe you should do what you love and love what you do. We have a passion for styling pets and making sure they are as healthy as they can be because we want to help your pet live their longest and healthiest life possible.

We believe the time we spend with your dog is more than just that , its about feeling good too! your dog will always be in the hands on a trained professional who cares about your dogs needs. We want to help you take care of your pet and to do that we are consistently educating ourselves, not only on grooming techniques, safety and cleanliness but pet health related issues as well. We will always do all we can to help you and your pet!

Why Choose Pup Town Spaw? Pup Town Spaw believes this should be your pets special time and they should enjoy getting pampered since regular grooming is essential to their health. We keep your pets safety in mind by using restraints on the table or in the tub when needed to help keep them from jumping off tables or the tub and getting hurt. We use pet safe natural products that are tear free when used on the face and hypoallergenic. Equipment and the salon are always sanitized after each pets groom and even have belly bands for senior pets who cannot stand up for long periods of time! Feel free to ask us any other questions you might have!

Why Mobile? Mobile grooming is quickly growing in popularity for people to have their beloved pets groomed in rather than a regular shop. Most people feel that is more convenient when it comes to their day to day life, its faster, and their pet is much happier! The best part is you don't have to drive them around town and you don't have to leave them in a kennel for hours with mobile their spaw day is done with the special 1-1 attention they deserve! 

We park right outside of your home on the curb, can meet you outside or ring the door bell. We can take 1 pet at a time or if you have multiple pets we can take 2 pets in the salon. Mobile grooming is amazing for older pets, disabled pets or even spoiled rotten pets. Give your pet a special spaw day the both of you will love it!