About Pup Town Spaw Mobile Grooming


As a busy, sophisticated and savvy pet owner, you understand that establishing a regular grooming schedule for your pet is vital to their health. With our onsite mobile service, you gain peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and sound, you save time and there is less hassle because we make it easy for you!  Our Signature Spaw Treatment gives your pet the ultimate in health, safety, and comfort. Pup Town Spaw comes to YOU to provide professional pet grooming services in a clean, stress-free atmosphere. Our mobile salon is fully equipped to pamper your dog starting with a hydrotherapy bath, organic and natural shampoos, dental health, nail care, facials, and more. As your San Antonio area pet groomer, we bring service, convenience, and quality pet care to your doorstep!


About our team: Our Pup Town family believes we are hardworking and dedicated animal enthusiast! We believe that you should DO what you LOVE and love what you do! We have a passion for styling pets and making sure they are as healthy as can be, we want to help your dog live their longest and healthiest life possible! We believe the time we spend making your dog look good is more than just that, it's about feeling good too! Your dog will always be in the hands of a trained professional who cares about what your dog needs. We want to help you take care of your pet and to do that we are constantly educating ourselves, not only on new grooming techniques but pet health related issues as well. We want you and your pet to trust us so never be afraid to ask us a question we will always try to help and if we don't have an answer we will do our best to find an answer!

Why go mobile? Mobile grooming is quickly becoming the new way to have pets groomed because of how convenient, fast and safe it is for many pets. Mobile grooming saves you time and hassle of getting your dog in the car and over to a salon where they may end up sitting in a cage for hours causing them to become stressed and/or dislike the entire grooming process! With mobile, we are parked right outside your home and/or business and your pet is NEVER caged. We are great for pet owners who live a busy lifestyle or simply enjoy the convenience. We are also great for older pets, disabled pets, or just spoiled rotten pets! Try mobile grooming, you'll be glad you did!

Why choose us? Pup Town Spaw believes this should be your pets special time and that they should enjoy getting pampered since regular grooming is essential to their health! We keep your dogs safety in mind by always using restraints on the table or in the tub to keep them from falling and getting hurt. We use safe and organic pet products that are specially formulated to be tear free and/or hypoallergenic. Equipment and the salon are always sanitized after each pets groom and we enjoy using stress relieving methods in our spaw to keep pets at maximum ease and comfortability. Request an appointment today!

      Reva Reynosa

- Hi my name is Reva, I have been grooming for 10 years. I am originally from Kerville, Tx and moved to Dallas for a little and that is where I learned to Groom. I moved back about two years ago to be closer to family. I groom cats and dogs of any breed and any size but my favorite dog to groom is a standard poodle! I am a mother to two amazing little girls and my grooming career has helped me provide for them. I like to do a lot of continuing education to continue improving on my grooming skills so that my clients will always be satisfied. I have always loved working with animals and I cant wait to meet your dog or cat!