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Spaw Services

Spaw packages, prices and more!

Welcome! Our office hours are from 8:30am-5pm if we do not answer please leave us a voicemail or send a text and we will respond as soon as possible!

We gladly accept all breeds of dogs but do not accept overly aggressive dogs or dogs over 110 lbs. Prices vary by size of the dog, breed of your dog, and the condition of the coat (if applicable temperament).

Please call for a more detailed pricing at  (210) 817-2680 or request an appointment online 24/7 and we will call you unless you are an existing client, we will approve the appointment.

Trip charges to drive out if you are not in our blue area starts at $30 (15$ if its immediately right outside of the boundary in the same neighborhood). Visit our service area map on our homepage!

Please note when using a credit card there is a 4% transaction fee, you can pay cash to avoid the fee but we DO NOT carry change! Thank you!

*Every Spaw package includes (unless otherwise requested)...

✔️Hydrotherapy bath with Soft & filtered warm water
✔️Natural Shampoo
✔️Tearless/hypo shampoo for face
✔️Hydrating leave in conditioner
✔️Blow dry
✔️Gentle brush out
✔️Professional nail trim
✔️Clean up of sanitary area
✔️Light trim of hocks, paw pads and pads
✔️Gentle ear cleaning
✔️Spritz with fragrance
✔️Bow or bandana




    Short Hair Bath: 
    Starts at 75$
    Long Hair/ Double Coat Bath:
    Starts at 80$ 
    Spaw Bath + Haircut:
    Starts at 95$ 
    (Does not include taxes, fees or upgrades)



    Cat Bath & brush:
    100$ Before tax
    Cat Haircut package
    130$ Before tax
    (Does not include extra charges or upgrades)


    Extra fees:

    Trip fee- 30$- 45$ depending on location. Visit map on our main website to determine if you are in our service area. www.puptownspaw.com

    De-matting Fee- 10$ per 10 minutes of extra brushing

    Clean up fee- 10$ If your pet defecates or pees and the groomer has to rebathe.

    Handling fee- 25$ We work alone to give your pet the 1 on 1 attention they need and deserve but if your pet requires an extra person due to: Aggression, Old age, size, bad behavior or other health related issues this fee will be added to accommodate having a helper or the extra work the groomer has to do alone due to difficulties.

    Extra Scissor Fee- 10$ If You are getting a bath package but need a little extra trimming without a full haircut that does not include the sanitary area or paw pads.

    Double Coat Fee- 15$ If your pet has a thick coat, or you are wanting to keep the hair long this fee will be added to accommodate the extra time it takes to wash, dry and trim your pet.



    Add Ons:

    Shed-less treatment  15$-25$ on top of Spaw Package price. (Depends on size and amount of hair.) Treatment lasts about 2-6 weeks and depends on each pet.
    Blueberry facial

    5$ Helps to gently lighten dark teary stains under your pet's eyes.

    Paw moisturizer

    $10 Non-Gmo paw balm that helps soothe dry and cracked paw pads, safe if licked by your pet.


    Shed-less treatment:

    • A shampoo specially formulated to open your dogs' pores to allow removal of excess, dead hair.
    • Conditioner specially formulated to close your dogs' pores allowing the hair at the shaft to strengthen and create a beautiful lustrous shine.
    • 20 mins extra brush time with special tools that allow us to remove pets excess hair.
    • Special techniques and force dryer to blow hair off
    • Shed-less treatment reduces shedding up to 90%.
    Blueberry facial:
    • Blueberry facial works very well for dogs with white or light hair who suffer from constant dark teary stains under their eyes or around their mouth. Helps to brighten and lighten the face giving them a fresh face! *Please note that this does not completely remove tear stains, once hair is stained, unless consistently being treated, the stains will not go away.
    Pawdicure: 13$
    • Nail grinding PLUS your choice of nail pawlish for your pet!
    But wait, there's more...

    Nail grinding

    10$ Nail grinding smooths your pets sharp edges, gets nails as short as possible
    Teeth Brushing

    5$ We use an enzymatic toothpaste and apply with a toothbrush and follow with a minty gel. All products are safe, non-toxic and made for pets.

    Anal Glands 10$ We gently express glands externally.
    Nail Pawlish 8$ Any color of your choice
    Upgraded Shampoo/Conditioner 5$ Extra for any shampoo or conditioner of your choice.
    De-skunking 15$ for shampoo and extra time
    Flea & Ticks 10$ for shampoo and removal of fleas/ticks

     * Spaw Special *- Pick any three upgrades for $15

    Includes any variation of Anal glands, Teeth brushing, Nail Grinding, Blueberry facial, Upgraded shampoo, Upgraded conditioner, paw balm or Nail Pawlish.

     * Super Spaw Special *- Pick any four upgrades for $20

    Includes any variation of Anal glands, Teeth brushing, Nail Grinding, Blueberry facial, Upgraded shampoo, Upgraded conditioner, paw balm or Nail Pawlish.

    Upgraded shampoos:

    Whitening shampoo, Anti-fungal shampoo, Anti-itch shampoo, Oatmeal,  Shedding shampoo, Shedding conditioner, Charcoal conditioner.

    A la carte?

    Don't need a bath or bath & haircut package? Don't worry we can help you out! We understand sometimes your pet just won't let you touch their feet or you might be a little nervous. Let us come and help you and make getting your pets pawdicure easy! Whether its strict nails or a quick sanitary clean up we can help you out. A la carte services require a "trip charge" to come out to your home and perform any a la carte service for your pet. Please contact our office or fill out an appointment request to have us come out and help you! Most trip charges are $25 but can go up depending on how far you are from our office. A la carte add-ons are not the same price as package add-ons. Contact us for your price.

    We offer discounts of 5% off each dog when you have 4 or more. Does not include upgrades. We also would like to thank our military members with a free upgrade of either nail grinding, teeth brushing or an upgraded shampoo for your furry friend! One for each pet. 

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    *All prices are subject to change depending on the condition of the dog such as matting, fleas/ticks, quality of hair, even temperament. Final price is given after groom but a QUOTE is given prior (Price is subject to change). If there is a need for extra charges to be added after quote the groomer or office assistant will let you know. Other charges such as upgrades are subject to the pet parent.

    *Depending on where you are located a TRIP FEE may be added to your grooming package.

    Please contact us with any other questions! Thank you!