The Entire Pet Industry At Your Fingertips

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The Entire Pet Industry At Your Fingertips

They Love You Unconditionally, Show Them You Love Them Back

Highest quality products developed and manufactured!

In today’s world, every minute is of the essence! The NéVetica™ Pet Store gives every pet parent 24hr easy access to everything your pet needs and wants.


NéVetica App will start with you creating a profile for your pet(s) and then taking their free pet assessment! The assessment will use your answers and calculate the results to identify any gaps in their diet and or lifestyle that you may not have been aware of. The app will also recommend the best products and/or services your pet may need such as a daily walking regimen, a local vet, or our high quality, organic and Non-Gmo nutraceuticals plus much more.





Every app will be filled with cutting-edge technology, toys, carrying bags for small dogs, beds, crates, leashes, and much much more!






All of these items will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep and can be ordered via our NéVetica™ App or our Website. (

The NéVetica Pet Store was designed with all pet parents in mind, ensuring to exceed all pet parents' expectations! Your time is valuable, therefore we're making every experience with NéVetica enjoyable.

  • Services: On Demand Dog Walking, On Demand Grooming, Pet Sitting, etc.
  • Fitness: Track pet meals and calories, Track dog walks, Track weight, etc.
  • Social: My Paw Connect, Set up Play Dates, Breeding Programs, Pet Sitting,
  • Tracking: via our NéVetica Pet Tracking Device
  • Education: On Demand Questions for Vets, Daily Paws of Wisdom, Pet Coaching, Pet Training Videos, Pet Education Forums, Veterinary Scholarship Program
  • Shopping: Via our NéVetica Online Store


The app will be available on January 15, 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the link and be one of the first to use the new app!

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