The FREE Pet Assessment?

The FREE Pet Assessment?

The NeVetica pet assessment was designed with you and your pet in mind. Knowing there is an abundance of information out there we wanted to find a way to get that information to pet parents who are eager to take the steps necessary in creating a healthier diet and/or lifestyle for their furry friend!

We started by consulting with top Veterinarians across the USA, analyzing hundreds of studies and infusing an unstoppable force (technology) to create the most powerful and revolutionary approach to getting pet parents the most correct and accurate information regarding their pet's health!

First, you start by creating a profile for each individual pet.

  1. Pet Name
  2. Breed
  3. Age
  4. Birthdate (If known)

You will then go on to answer questions in 7 key categories of your pet assessment.

  1. General Information
  2. Diet & Nutrition
  3. Activity Level
  4. Dental Health
  5. Skin & Coat
  6. Joint Health 
  7. Environmental

After taking your pets free assessment you will watch a short 1-2 minute video pertaining to pet health all while your results are being calculated by a series of algorithms identifying gaps in all 7 categories.

Then, a customized regimen of suggested products and services designed specifically for your pet from your answers will appear!

You can take the assessment on a computer, laptop, cell phone or even download the Nevetica app straight to your smartphone to access your pet's info any time! The app will be your one stop shop for anything pet related, get excited because we are going to take this worldwide and help pets everywhere!





To install the app, go to for IOS device and for android device. Make sure to use 813704 as sponsor ID during your sign up!

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