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Mouthwash for dogs



Are you brushing your teeth every day? Twice a day? We sure hope so! Your dog should be too!

Did you know bad oral hygiene can take away up to 5 years from your dogs' already short life? Yikes! Practicing good oral health care is as vital for your pet as it is for you.

Since dogs and cats cannot brush their teeth, they need a way to maintain oral health between vet visits. NéVetica Water Additive Mouthwash is your solution!

Using peppermint oil as its prominent ingredient, this product supports healthy teeth and gums and it may also help soothe an upset stomach.

Simply pour a cap full into your pets water bowl daily 1-3 times a day! The water additive helps to remove plaque over time and freshen their breath from the inside out!

Practicing preventative care will greatly increase your pets life and comfortability as they grow old with you!

"There's an easier way to keep your pet's breath fresh and clean in between yearly dental visits and that's with the best water additive for pets on the market today!" -Alexis, C 


  • Helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy and clean.
  • Promotes normal periodontal health.
  • Strengthens and whitens teeth without harming periodontal tissues.
  • Does not contain alcohol, sugar, detergents or surfactants.
  • 100% safe for long-term usage.
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts up to 1-3 months!
Comes in two sizes!

Small: 8 Fl oz

Large: 16 Fl oz

Peanut quenching his thirst and freshening his breath. *WATCH BELOW*👇