NeVetica: Just What The Doctor Ordered

NeVetica: Just What The Doctor Ordered

By Dr. Naya Nwaneri,

Photo by: Loutpany

          According to the 2015-2016 APPA (American Pet Products Association) National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of U.S. households own a pet, which translates to a whopping 79.7 million homes (1). The reasons for pet ownership are many, ranging from the desire for loving, unconditional, companionship to the need for a guaranteed source of daily entertainment (2). While these are wonderful reasons to welcome a furry four-legged creature into your home, years of research suggest another compelling reason to own a pet- a healthier lifestyle. Simply put, pet ownership is associated with a wide range of health benefits.

          The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that pets can help decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and feelings of loneliness, while simultaneously increasing opportunities for socialization and exercise through outdoor activities (3). According to the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI), the health benefits of pet ownership have translated into 11.7 billion dollars in healthcare cost savings. 

          So, it's clear that pets not only influence our happiness, but also our health. That's why it is so important for pet parents to return the favor by ensuring that their furry loved ones experience optimal health and nutrition. Unfortunately, society has imposed unhealthy diets and fast food lifestyles onto our pets. As a result, pets are experiencing less healthy and happy lives. Now more than ever before, they are suffering from obesity, joint ailments, digestive problems, significant allergies, and skin and coat issues. 

          Our promising, up and coming pet company is aiming to reverse this disturbing trend. Founded in 2016, NeVetica is a revolutionary, game-changing, full-service pet company specializing in customized regimens of suggested products and services designed for your pet's specific needs. We are setting out to accomplish something that has never been done before in the pet industry. Our personalized pet assessment will systematically identify and fill the gaps in your pet's diet and lifestyle.

          The computerized pet assessment is free and simple. By providing answers to detailed questions about your pet's age, weight, breed, allergies, and medical issues or concerns, the NeVetica pet assessment will suggest high quality products. 


NeVetica Nutrition is carefully researched by the most up-to-date veterinary research and animal nutrition science.

          Your pet's products will be conveniently delivered straight to your door every month. 

          The NeVetica nutrition line has been carefully researched, and is backed by the most up-to-date veterinary research studies and animal nutrition science recommendations. Our supplements are designed with your pet's health in mind. With consistent use of the NeVetica Nutrition Line, your pet can see potential improvement within 90 days in the following areas:

  • Skin, Coat, and Nails
  • Digestive, Dental, and Joint Health
  • Immune System
  • Cognitive Function

          Being the gatekeepers of customized, premium pet products and services, is just scratching the surface for our growing pet company. NeVetica also aims: 1) to support innovative products ranging from environmental-friendly products, hygiene products, and disease prevention items, with the goal of making pet care easier and more convenient. 2) to be the premier educational resource for pet parents by providing up to date, relevant information on pet parenting, pet health, and pet care. And 3) to use the latest technology to meet all your pet's needs, right at your fingertips, via our state of the art NeVetica App and website.

          With forward-thinking, innovative companies like NeVetica, the future is in good hands for the pet health and wellness space and the pet industry. As a pet owner, you may experience many health benefits, while keeping your pet healthy on NeVetica Nutrition. At the end of the day, it's a win-win situation.

          And that's why we are so EXCITED here at Pup Town Spaw to inform you that we have partnered up with NeVetica and will be providing the FREE pet assessments and products. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the products and they have already begun to do wonders for our pets. Look forward in assisting you and your furry loved one to a potentially longer and healthier life. 



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